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Building Trust & Relationships

Senior Benefit Services has been a consistent leader in the senior insurance market for decades. We specialize in the needs of today’s retirees by providing our agents with the most comprehensive portfolio of senior insurance products.

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We Provide Our Advisors With New Leads Each Week

Senior Benefit Services, Inc. was founded on the principal of providing a level of service that is second to none. From our humble beginnings as General Insurance Agency in Georgetown, SC (founded by Carroll Abrams in 1934) to our evolving into one of the nation’s leading senior marketing companies, the core principal of building trust and relationships has never changed.

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Believe the Numbers

Senior Benefit Services Has Been a Consistent Leader in the Senior Insurance Market for Decades.

89years of service
80+ carriers
142training videos
23000+ Clients Helped
Agent Training Classes

Training Equals Success

Without initial and ongoing education, your odds of being a successful advisor greatly diminish. Senior Benefit Services provides our partners with top level initial and ongoing training to ensure success.

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